Template of this fan remake is Heroes of might and magic III. - a legendary game, which was made by New World Computing and 3DO many years ago, but it's live until today.

This remake was primary designed for J2ME platform (and after that have been made a port to the Android platform).

In order to run the game on J2ME platform with very limited resources, I had to make some changes in the controls of the game:

1) Camera movement over the game map

    The camera movement over the game map has been simplified. The camera switches among screens, and does not move smoothly. (It is similar system as was used in "Age of Heroes" games for J2ME).

2) Different map files format

    Remake uses different map files than the former game for PC. This format is optimised for switching among screens described above. Now it is not possible to use the map files from the former PC game in this mobile remake. However in future I would like to make a conversion tool for map files. There is also avilable a Map Editor, that allows to create maps for this mobile remake (Map Editor is made for PC and it is avilable in the Download section).

3) Simplified battle screen

    Former game's battle screen was made of 15x11 hexagonal fields. Because of the small screens of mobile phones the remake uses field made of 7x7 rectangular fields. Unit's speed had been modified accordingly to the size of the battlefield.

4) Multiplayer Limitations

    Only hot-seat mode is supported. No Bluetooth or TCP/IP modes are supported.

5) Campaign is not implemented

    The game contains only Scenarios. Game campaign is not implemented.